For over four decades Grace Lutheran Church has offered members, friends of our congregation, and music lovers from the Chicago area the opportunity to experience J.S. Bach’s sacred cantatas as part of a worship service, the setting for which they were originally composed.  This tradition continues as we celebrate our 44th season of Bach Cantata Vespers. We invite you to join us!

Bach wrote his cantatas to be performed during Sunday worship in the Lutheran churches of Leipzig. Even in services today, this music serves as part of the proclamation of the Word and brings Scripture to life in ways richer and more complex than do words alone. This is the tradition we try to honor in our Bach Cantata Vespers—not just to perform the music for its own sake, as might be done in a concert hall—but to play and sing and as an expression of faith in the Triune God.

The Bach Cantata Vespers involves considerable expense, and we count on contributions from people like you to make these worship services possible. Musicians must be paid, programs printed, and scores and instrumental parts purchased. Though our music-making is an expression of faith and an offering to the community, it costs money. Sustaining the quality for which our cantata services have become known depends on the generous support of people like you. We hope that you will consider making a donation to the Bach Cantata Vespers.

Here are some of the ways in which you can help:

  • Please make a generous contribution to the cantata series now, either by mailing your contribution to the Bach Cantata Vespers Ministry at Grace Lutheran Church, or by contributing online using the link above. If you contribute online, be sure to indicate that your gift is designated to the Bach Cantata Vespers ministry.

  • Consider sponsoring a cantata, in whole or in part, as a way to thank God for special blessings, perhaps a birthday, an anniversary, or as a memorial in memory of a loved one. Please contact Cantor Michael D. Costello at or (708) 366-6900 for more information.

  • Tell others about the Bach Cantata Vespers. Send us names to add to our mailing list.

  • Put up a poster. Call, email, or write us here at Grace and we'll mail one to you, or send you additional copies of the enclosed schedule. You can also download the poster for the coming season here.

Thank you for your presence at these services, your robust singing of the hymns and liturgy, your encouragement of this ministry, and your prayers as we join together in making music to the glory of God. 

In Jesus' name,

Michael D. Costello