About us

About the musicians.


The chorus for Bach Cantata Vespers is a volunteer choir, with the Grace Church Parish Choir at its core. Other friends of Grace Church audition with the Grace Cantor for a place in the chorus. The Parish Choir maintains a busy schedule, singing for weekly services, festivals, and monthly Bach Cantata Vespers services.

Chorus Roster


The orchestra is an ensemble of dedicated professionals who rehearse and perform together for Bach Cantata Vespers services and other occasional concerts at Grace. Orchestra members play in other local ensembles, teach in local schools, and maintain private studios. Several members of the orchestra are also members of Grace Lutheran Church.

Orchestra Roster


The Rev. Michael D. Costello, Grace Cantor



  • Thomas Aláan

    Thomas Aláan

    Countertenor Thomas Aláan

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  • Douglas Anderson

    Douglas Anderson

    Baritone Douglas Anderson

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  • Karen Brunssen

    Karen Brunssen

    Mezzo-soprano Karen Brunssen

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  • Chelsea Chen

    Chelsea Chen

    Organist Chelsea Chen

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  • Derek Chester

    Derek Chester

    Tenor Derek Chester

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  • Maura Janton Cock

    Maura Janton Cock

    Soprano Maura Janton Cock

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  • Nathalie Colas

    Nathalie Colas

    Soprano Nathalie Colas

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  • Amy Anderson de Jong

    Amy Anderson de Jong

    Mezzo-soprano Amy Anderson de Jong

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  • Ace Gangoso

    Ace Gangoso

    Tenor Ace Gangoso

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  • Keven Keys

    Keven Keys

    Baritone Keven Keys

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  • Amanda Koopman

    Amanda Koopman

    Mezzo-soprano Amanda Koopman

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  • Betty Lewis

    Betty Lewis

    Violinist Betty Lewis

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  • Rebecca Schalk Nagel

    Rebecca Schalk Nagel

    Oboist Rebecca Schalk Nagel

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  • Susan Nelson

    Susan Nelson

    Soprano Susan Nelson

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  • Sarah Ponder

    Sarah Ponder

    Mezzo-soprano Sarah Ponder

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  • Paul Soulek

    Paul Soulek

    Organist Paul Soulek

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  • Timothy Spelbring

    Timothy Spelbring

    Organist Timothy Spelbring

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  • Ryan Townsend Strand

    Ryan Townsend Strand

    Tenor Ryan Townsend Strand

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  • Steven Wente

    Steven Wente

    Organist Steven Wente

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